The Best Acne Vitamins for Men and Women Causing From Hormonal Imbalance

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Be it men or women, pimples and ache bother both of them. These sorts of skin related issues crop up mostly during the teenage days. Well, to be more specific, pimples and acne can bother you till the age of 35. The main reason behind the occurrence of acne is the imbalance caused in the level of hormone. Yes, hormonal imbalance can trigger the formation of acne in both men and women. When the level of hormone called testosterone becomes higher within the body then it forces the sebaceous glands to produce sebum or oil in more amounts. And like we know, oilier the skin, higher is the chances of forming pimples and acne.

How to deal with it?

Through numerous studies and researches it has been found that Vitamins and minerals can work wonders when it comes to curing acne. Certain vitamins can be really effective in lowering down the over production of testosterone in the body. Below are some of them:


  • Vitamin A- This fat soluble vitamin can be really useful in keeping the level of hormone within the normal range. When taken as topical medicine then the vitamin A is chemically modified into retinoid, which in turn facilitate the healing of skin in a better way. However, since this vitamin has the ability to affect the level of hormone in a significant way, for this reason, pregnant ladies should refrain from taking this supplement.
  • Vitamin B5- This vitamin is also effective in dealing with hormonal imbalance. In fact, vitamin B5 is the most widely used vitamin in supplements. Apart from maintaining the hormonal level, this vitamin is also effective in clearing the pores of the acne. Since B5 is completely fat soluble, therefore it is absolutely harmless. If anyone by mistake takes high dosage of vitamin B5 supplements then the excess amount will get flushed out through the body.
  • Vitamin D- Even though this vitamin is said to be hormone supportive, but it also prevents the excessive secretion of the same. It is known to everyone that sun is the biggest source of vitamin D. In addition, you can also obtain this vitamin from fermented cod liver oil.

Hence, those were the three major vitamins that can help both men and women to get rid of ache. You can easily come across such supplements in the online world. But, choose your option wisely and carefully.

What Are the OTC Pimple Tablets that Really Work?

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Pimples are something that can really cause a lot of trouble if they pop up- in more numbers and quite often. Though it is absolutely common among teenagers to have pimples, but sometimes the situation may get worse. The oil which is secreted from the sebum gland is meant for keeping the skin soft and supple. But when the same oil pores get clogged up, it gives rise to pimples. Fortunately, there are medications available that can clear up the pores and help you do away with pimples. Let’s check out some of the over the counter tablets available for treating pimples.

OTC Tablets for Pimples

In the market, you would come across numerous over the counter supplements for curing pimples and acne. However, some of them are not so effective, while some of them also come with side effects. For this reason, it is better to stick with the ones that contain vitamins or herbal ingredients.


Niacin- In case you have come across the OTC supplement containing vitamin then it is quite possible that you already know about Niacin. When you take niacin then it facilitates the flow of blood more freely within the blood vessels. As a result, more amount of oxygen is supplied to your skin cells, which in turn removes the toxins from the cells. So, this is how niacin can help you get rid of pimples through the dilation of blood vessels. One of the most striking aspects of this OTC tablet is that there are no side effects. Even if you take the tablets in larger dose, the excess of vitamin will get flushed out from your system.

Omega-3 fatty acid- In the market you can easily find these pills under different brand names. As a matter of fact, omega-3 is quite effective in lowering down the amount of Leukotriene B4. It is a compound responsible for the increased production of sebum. And, it is known that when the sebum glands produce too much of oil then it often leads to pimples. So, taking omega-3 pills can help regulate the amount of oil produced by the sebum glands. In addition, omega-3 also controls the production of hormones. Sometimes, pimples are also caused by hormonal imbalance, particularly the increased level of testosterone hormone.

So, those were the two OTC options you can consider for dealing with pimples. They are free from any side effects and render healthier skin.